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UNIQLO Lucky Cube with Maru

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Play lucky cube with Maru. Smart idea from UNIQLO to get people talking about the launch of the new San Francisco store opening in October. The incredibly simple but great idea to use a quirky online game to drive traffic to the new flagship store (prize collection is at the new store) — or the fact that they have partnered with a YouTUBE star (cat) called Maru.

Maru has over 173 million views on YouTUBE.  ”He has been inducted to YouTube Japan’s Hall of Fame after winning top honors 3 years in a row“.

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Get Back To Tohoku

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East Japan Railway’s Tohoku Shinkansen brand, formed to attract visitors to the Tohoku Region in Japan, won Gold for Design at the 2012 Clio Awards and a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The Tōhoku region, in the north of Honshu, was deeply affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Travel to Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata was connected with rebuilding in an integrated branding exercise. The bodies of Shinkansen train cars were painted with dynamic designs that served to connect the regions of Eastern Japan. Posters and billboards encouraged visitors to get back to Tohoku. Train tickets were sold as a Tohoku support pass package.

The campaign successfully gathered a large number of travellers and followers among a demographic that had been difficult to entice. An overwhelming response was received during the launch of the event via online social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The promotion strengthened ties between clients and fans through helping to extend encouragement to locals affected by the disaster and instil hope in local children.

Get Back Tohoku


The Get Back to Tohoku campaign was developed at Dentsu, Tokyo and Dof Inc, Tokyo, by executive creative director Yukio Oshima, creative director Takuma Takasaki, art director Yoshihiro Yagi, copywriters Hiroshi Ichikura and Waca Sakamoto, executive producer Koji Wada, agency producer Taro Saito, account executives Ken Masuda and Hiroyuki Nakayama, printing producers Yohei Oda and Shinya Tamura, with Creative Power Unit designers Daisuke Hatakeyama, Rumiko Kobayashi, photographer Yasutoshi Fujiwara, Yokohama Super Factory photographer Osamu Oiso and photography coordinator Reiko Kukita.

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UNIQLO Dry Mesh Project

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This was always going to happen. UNIQLO was going to hit Pinterest with something super cool, we just didn’t know when and how, but here it is. The UNIQLO “Dry Mesh Project” on Pinterest, designed as the first-ever branded mosaics to wake Pinterest users from their scrolling slumber.

UNIQLO has hijacked some of the most popular categories on Pinterest, showcasing their products in a very cool vertical visual feast, something that I’ve never quite seen before like this. It was created through a tonne of prototyping, before enlisting a mob of people to post seamlessly in the right order, at the right time, all together when they chose a category to hijack. Very very cool work from Firstborn NewYork.

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Nike Free Face uses Beyond Reality Face

Nike Japan launched its campaign “Nike Free Face” using Beyond Reality Face in April 2012. It demonstrated the unrivaled flexibility of the new Free footwear. You could bend, twist and contrort its trademark sole using the power of your face.

The campaign will remain until the end of May 2012.
Try it out:

Or try our Flash Face Tracking SDK
Beyond Reality Face:


Touchy, a Human Camera

Touchy is a human camera, who is blinded constantly until someone’s touch enables the opening of the automated shutters. While a continuous physical contact is maintained between Touchy and a user, the camera shoots a photo every 10 seconds.

Video Credits

Director: Eric Siu
Cast: Hikaru Shimada, Eric Siu
Cameraman: William Tang
Production Assistant: Tomohiko Hayakawa and Shion Fujiwara
Editor: Eric Siu
Music: Dr Usui
Special Thanks Yanyan Mak, Akira Reynolds, Carson Reynolds and Yoshiko Reynolds

Project Credits

Eric Siu

Hardware and Software Development
Tomohiko Hayakawa and Eric Siu

Touch Sensor Design
Tomohiko Hayakawa and Carson Reynolds

Project Adviser
Novmichi Tosa @ Maywa Denki

Project Assistant
Shion Fujiwara

Motor Provider
Koshin Denki Kogyo Co. LTD

Special Thanks to
Alvaro Cassinelli
Tomoko Hayashi
Takeoka Hideki
Sylwia Kunicka
Joel Kwong
Charles Ngan
Sam Ngan
My Family

This project is in collaboration with
Ishikawa Oku Laboratory @ the University of Tokyo.

© 2012 Eric Siu All right reserved

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Uniqlo have created an app in conjunction with Japanese composer Cornelius that creates a unique way to wake up in the morning. The app automatically creates a song that contains current time, weather and day of the week. Users can choose to share a record of the time, weather and temperature at the exact moment the alarm was stopped via social media.
It will surely resound with the young Japanese female demographic Uniqlo seems to be going for. I think I would probably throw my iPhone across the room if I were to wake up to these sickly sweet sounds. Try it out here.



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This is the next instalment called “Building Twist”. Nike Building Twist is an interactive projection mapping experience controlled by a shoe that’s been wired up with a bunch of pressure sensors and plugged into an Arduino board, allowing users to literally twist a building like you can the shoe.The pressure sensors control dynamic projection mapping installation in real-time, creating a very cool hands on experience for Nike.

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Disney goes Anime

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Today’s pick is a pretty interesting TVC by Disney which… doesn’t look like a Disney thing. The spot promotes the Disney Tokyo Resort, where Disneyland is located. I’m posting this video because it’s beautifully done, although pretty full of rhetoric, but most of all I think it’s very curious to see an animation global brand like Disney choosing a visual language completely different from the one of “products” or characters they sell.

The animation studio is Madhouse.

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Dear Japan From Phuket

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“Dear Japan, from Phuket”, a video made to give strength to the people in Japan who were devastated by the March 11 2011 Northeast Pacific earthquake, has been recognised with the Grande Lotus Roots award at Adfest 2012 this week. The film was made immediately after the earthquake by creatives and a director attending an advertising festival in Phuket, with planning and shooting carried out while on location. Initially launched on the Web, the film was soon picked up by broadcast media entities and corporate. The film was featured on a TV program by IBC, a television station in one of the disaster-affected regions. AEON, a nationwide supermarket chain, showed the video on digital signage. The film was aired in the devastated regions as the first TV commercial ever in Japan to have attracted 15 sponsorships: American Home Assurance, Otsuka Foods, CreCla, KOSÉ, SCALP D, SUBARU, DANONE, TOSHIBA, naive, Häagen-Dazs, Volkswagen, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, Meganeichiba, Mercedes-Benz Japan, MORINAGA MILK. Surveys indicate that just over 50 percent of people in the disaster affected regions were shown the film.


Trench Trip, short movie for fashionistas

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A collection lookbook transformed into a short movie. Not a new idea, for sure. But I haven’t seen many fashion brands being able to create something as lovely as Trench Trip by Japanese brand United Arrows.

Below I’ve embedded the 30 seconds trailer, but I strongly encourage you to visit the movie website and immerse yourself in the 2 minutes short movie. A love story narrated with a touch of magic and a superb soundtrack. All collection items worn by the protagonist are presented in the closing titles as if they were actors in the movie. Of course each style is clickable and take you to the online store for immediate purchase.


Toshiba with 10 years of life

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Toshiba followed up the award-winning outdoor 10 Years of Life campaign of 2011 with “With Ten Years of Life”, a two minute commercial portraying 3653 snapshots in the life of one man and one Toshiba E-Core LED light bulb. Beginning on January 1, 2012, the day a man switches the bulb in the dining room light to an LED bulb, the 10-year calendar represents the changes in his life, from bachelor to newlywed to becoming a father. Not one scene is the same. Each one of the 3,653 snapshots casts light on a different day in the life of one man. The ad was recognised with a Gold Film Lotus at Adfest 2012 this week.

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Sony Screen Story

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As part of Sony’s global brand campaign Make.Believe, Japanese creative lab Party has created a pretty awesome TV commercial taken in one, continuous shot. The film, which tells the story of a woman from her childhood the birth of her son, was created with over 70 performers using more than 200 devices.

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Oral-B Airport Conveyer

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This ambient execution was created by Beacon Tokyo and ran in the baggage claim area in Tokyo’s Narita airport. This dramatizes the benefits of Oral-B’s electric toothbrush and shows how dirt accumulates in your teeth following an international flight. Kinda cool and we have seen this medium used before with a roulette wheel in Las Vegas. I’m NOT sold on the use of a QR code on a moving conveyor belt. I can just imagine people running around chasing the code – if they even cared enough


Remote control banner ad

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It’s been a long time since I’d given up hope on banner ads but I thought this campaign from Beacon (Tokyo) for AR Drone was interesting to say the least.  I think a lot could be done in terms of execution but I love how the idea is strongly linked to product experience. Yes we know this cool toy has been around for a while but this execution is new.

The parrot AR Drone is something that you have to see to believe, and even better experience it for yourself if you can.  It’s the ultimate geek toy branded as “the video game you can fly” (It’s a quadricopter you can control with your iPad or iPhone).

Rather than explain all this, Beacon Tokyo created an interactive banner and gave people a chance to control a virtual drone with their iPhone (via QR code hookup).  The execution could be better – but I like the fact that the banner ad creates an experience similar to that of the product rather than trying to sell the product with pure messaging. In any case it brings hope back to what banner advertising can do.

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Google Memories for the Future

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Google’s Memories for the Future (Mirai e no kioku) site has been awarded the Grande Innova Lotus at Adfest this week. The site,, was designed to help people rediscover lost memories of their homes and towns in the wake of the March 11 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Many people lost their lives, their homes, and all their precious memories collected over generations. Among the things lost were precious photos and videos — cherished images of family, friends, pets and once-in-a-lifetime events, buried in rubble or washed to sea. The site helps share their photographs and videos, and provides thousands of miles of Street View imagery in the affect areas, collected before and after the disaster. Seeing the street-level imagery of the affected areas puts the plight of these communities into perspective and ensures that the memories of the disaster remain relevant and tangible for future generations.

Hakuhodo Kettle, Tokyo.

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